2016 College Camps

Below Is A List Of Summer Camps With-in Driving Distance For California Prep Athletes

Click on one of the links below to register for college camps and show what you have to college coaches. Take control of your own recruiting process by investing money into your future. When you perform in front of these coaches they are able to closely evaluate your skill set, character and abilities. Now that satellite camps are an NCAA violations you have to go to the coaches yourself. Prepare yourself now. No more spending on hover boards and Jordan’s, go chase your goals. Show these coaches what you can do.
Be sure your transcripts are tight, have all your core classes and your grades up to par. Make sure that you go to each school you are interested in and fill out the questionnaires so that you are in their systems. This will make you more visible to these college making your chances at landing on their recruiting list better. Show up and show out, that way when your name pops up you are remembered which will put you in the front on the line. Good luck and go get that free education fellas.

USC Camps | UCLA Camps | Fresno State Camps | San Jose State Camps | Cal Berkeley Camps

Sacramento State Camps | Arizona State University Camps | Arizona Camps | Kentucky Christian University