Day: February 16, 2016

Jeremy Moussa

Sophomore Quarterback Jeremy Moussa Wins In OT

(Corona) Roosevelt QB Jeremy Moussa Is Holding His Own In Only His First Year In 7on7 Competition

Jeremy MoussaIf you’ve never played in 7on7 competition or witness a high school elite 7on7 competition you may not know how competitive the games can be. In his first showing as a 7on7 quarterback in one of the most competitive tournaments in the country Jeremy Moussa is doing pretty well. The sophomore has led his team to a better than .500 record versus competition most quarterbacks his age would fold under. Jeremy rose to the occasion on day two leading EAT team to an overtime victory advancing to the next round. Down five points with eight seconds left to go in the game Moussa found his Stand out receiver Ryan Chapron in the corner of the end zone for the victory. This kid will for sure be on some top recruits radar in the coming seasons.

The young sophomore is 6’2 180 lbs, throws a great deep ball and reads coverage pretty well for his age. Jeremy Moussa will be looking to start for Roosevelt (Corona) varsity team next year. Keep and eye out for this kid.


Jeremy Moussa In Action This Weekend

Kendale Taylor

Kendale Taylor Was Lock Down All Weekend

Kendale Taylor Shut Down Recevier’s On Both Sides Of The Defensive This Weekend

Kendale TaylorChino Ca, Don Lugo High School corner Kendale Taylor did not allow one touch down in 5 games at B2G’s Los Angeles 7on7 tournament this weekend. Kendale is 6’1 175lbs and very long. He manages to get hands on every receiver who lines up in front of him. There are not too many releases he can’t adapt to off the line and once down the field he’s able to read the receivers eyes then turn to react to the ball in the air. With his long wing span his area of the field is pretty much a “no fly zone”. The scary part is EAT 7on7 is only just getting started.

At the moment Kendale Taylor is not a top every ones radar yet he is taking every step to change than. It is only a matter of time. Check out his spotlight.




Ryan Chapron

Ryan Chapron With 10 Touchdowns

Stand Out Colony Receiver Ryan Chapron Had Himself A 10 Touchdown Weekend At The B2G Los Angeles Tournament This Weekend

“I just wanted to show those DB’s that they could not stick with me and I wanted my team to when our first tournament.”

Said by Ryan after we were eliminated by RhareBreed. Although RhareBreed lined up in a cloud coverage Hi-Power Chapron was able to blow the top of their coverage multiple times. All weekend long EAT 7on7 quarterback Jeremy Moussa and Ryan Chapron connected for six putting teams away in our first major tournament competition.
Currently Ryan has a few colleges interested in him and we are trying daily to seal lock in offers for this 6’1 175 pound deep threat. Not only will this kid beat you deep in 7on7 play, the young stud will rack up more pancakes at wide out than most high school offensive lineman. The proof is all in the highlights, take a look. Ryan Chapron will definitely be playing on Saturday’s for some NCAA school. Look for him this February at Nike’s The Opening regional at Redondo Union High School.