Day: March 15, 2016

Khoury Bethley

Khoury Bethley Was A Bright Spot For EAT 7on7 Defense At Pylon

Sophomore Safety Khoury Bethley Hauled In 5 INT’s Verses Top Competition At Pylon In Vegas

Khoury Bethley Khoury Bethley is just getting started. As a two sport athlete this kid is shining on both the baseball field and on the football field. Khoury splits reps between both sports and plays the same position for each. If he’s not snagging baseballs out the air in center field for Don Lugo high school in Chino, he’s on the football field forcing the opposing offense to go 3 and out.
At the Pylon Elite Camps 7v7 tournament in Las Vegas Bethley was definitely all over the field. With multiple interceptions on both days of competition Khoury Bethley played at a high level. He too makes up a strong foundation for EAT 7on7 team to look forward to in the future. Look for Khoury to shine for us this Sunday at Passingdowns regional in Fontana.

Check Out Khoury Bethley’s Highlights From Pylon Las Vegas

Chase Williams

Sophomore Chase Williams Shines At Under Armor Rivals Camp Series

Chase Williams Shines Bright At The Under Armor Rivals Camps Series In Los Angeles This Weekend

Chase Williams Let’s put something into perspective. One has to have something special to play at the highest level in the game of football. However, in order to play the receiver position, one has to be pretty tough also and that special something has to start early. Chase Williams has that special something.
The wide receiver position is a unique skill position in the game of football. It takes so special talent and hard work to be great at the position. One has to say to themselves “I am ok with running full speed down the field, turning to catch a football in order to make a play for my team despite the fact that there is a defender with a clear path to me ready to knock my head off”. A trained eye can see those unique skills. Those skills were definitely on display at the rivals camp in Los Angeles this weekend. If you know what disciplined route running is, you would have saw him. If you know what proper route running is you would have seen him. Release and re-stacking, creating natural box outs verses strong defenders, fighting of corners draped all over you. Chase did all the above. Williams was able to adapt to each corner who lined up in front of him during the 1on1 period. Although some of the young corners would crowd the line of scrimmage Chase was able to use multiple release techniques to fire off the line. He ran disciplined routes managing to stay in bounds on vertical routes up field.
This kid is ahead of his time and definitely shined bright on Saturday. Chase literally stands out as a man amongst boys at wide receiver. What’s scary is, Chase Williams has not even reached his potential yet. See for your see for yourself.

Chase Williams Turning Defenders Around At Rivals Camp Series In Los Angeles