Day: October 5, 2016

Explosive Athletic Training

EAT 7on7 Quarterback Jeremy Moussa Makes

Jeremy Moussa Put In Major Work Over The Summer & Is Steadily Picking Up Steam As He Makes Site

Explosive Athletic Training
Article By: Lorenzo J. Reyna

If you have not heard of our QB, Roosevelt high school’s class of 2018 starting sharp shooter Jeremy Moussa, then you will definitely know who he is now. Leading his team to one of the best preseason records in school history, Jeremy is beginning to capture media attention. The junior quarterback has worked hard the entire off-season preparing for the big 8 which is home to 3rd ranked Corona Centennial & Norco high school. This coming Friday Jeremy Moussa will be facing the 1st of those two, Cen10 as all his hard work will be put to the test. Good luck and good job kid. We’re proud of you.

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