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Chigozie Anusiem Lands Notre Dame

Chigozie Anusiem Is Now A National Recruit After Receiving Offer From Notre Dame


We told everyone Chigozie Anusiem was Explosive Athletic Training going to be one of the top recruit in the country. Everyone was slow to jump on board as he flew under the radar for the entire spring. Now the 6’3 corner is going into the summer as one of the top recruited defensive backs in the country. Chigozie Anusiem can lock down your best receiver and blow the top off of any coverage at receiver. We are sure there will be plenty more to follow. Congratulations kid.

Explosive Athletic Training

Khoury Bethley Lands UC Davis

Khoury Bethley Lands Offer Number Eight From UC Davis

If you are not aware of Khoury Bethley it Explosive Athletic Trainingmay be due to the fact you don’t follow all of the conferences in southern California. Bethley is one of the most athletic kids in division five football. His stocks are blowing up daily because he’s a dual threat on the field and a stand out student. Khoury Bethley can tackle your best athlete on a 3rd and short situation. Then turn around and hurt you defense by bull dozing you best linebacker for six. He nimble, quick, has great ball skills and does all this at 209lbs. Congrats KB.