Explosive Athletic Training

Private Training


Explosive Athletic Training is an upcoming professional training program, located in the Inland Empire area of California.We are dedicated to delivering specialized individual & team training sessions, coaching, and development to athletes in a variety of outdoor and indoor sports. If your sport requires lateral or liner movement, we will help you improve as well as work with you to develop your speed. We also specialize in Track & Field speed and jump training, soccer agility work, volleyball agility and jump training  and strength training for all sports.

There are a variety of different movements involved in specific sports, both on the field and indoors. The importance of proper weight distribution and foot placement in each sport is an ongoing subject. Many trainers and programs have different methods of teaching ,yet most of us have the same goal, which is to help YOU become elite athletes. In all forms of training, one thing should be consistent: inducing repetition designed to create reflex. Having an athlete perform drills designed to improve speed, coordination, explosiveness, footwork, and skill at high intensity, will help athletes to compete at a high level in their specific skill positions and sports.

Explosive Athletic Training promotes and implements these drills in every individual session. These exercises can be used in individual sessions as well as team training sessions. Our mission is to enhance your skill level, strength your foundation and increase your quickness and speed. Our private training focuses on balance, explosion and speed. Our goal is to help you get faster and quicker at your position. See significant improvement in six month training 2x a week, three months at 3x a week. The most important aspect of improving speed, agility,and explosiveness, is repetition and progressing in each movement at the highest possible controlled speed. See some of our training videos HERE.

Private Sessions Break Down

1 on 1 Training Commitments By The Month
1 OR 3 Month sessions-
All sessions are 1 hour sessions which consist of the following (not in any particular order):
•Transitional footwork
•Speed Enhancement
*Training for 1 OR 3 month commitments can be scheduled as follows:
1 OR 3 Month commitment at 2x a week
1 OR 3 Month commitment at 3x a week

Single sessions/training for the following is also available for a per session fee:
•Track & Field competing athletes
•Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball (other field sports).
•GYM sessions for non-athletes (physical fitness)

Combined 1 on 1 Field & Weight Training Commitments By The Month
• 1 Month commitment at 4 days a week
2 days of weight/strength training
2 days of field training
• 1 Month commitment at 5 days a week
2 days of weight/strength training
3 days of field training

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