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Ryan Chapron

Ryan Hi-Power Chapron Played Lights Out At Pylon Los Angeles

Ryan Chapron a.k.a Hi-Power Chapron Will Be A Known Name In Five Years

Ryan ChapronIf you do not already know about Colony High School (Ontario Ca.) receiver Ryan Chapron than you are really in for a show. This kid is a beast. Ryan will not only stretch your defense vertically, this junior wide out will block your best corner. He is what a receiver’s coach would call “the dude”. Ryan is 6’1 180 lbs and is getting faster and stronger everyday. Chapron is really one of those athletes who is under the radar right now. Currently he has no offers but interest are growing fast. So far Boise State, ASU and Tulsa has shown some interest. Any school this kid ends up at will be winning, both figuratively and literally. Great student and athlete who gets the job done in the class room. Ryan Chapron will definitely be on the radar after this season is over.

Ryan Chapron Pylon Elite Camps Fontana Regionals Tournament Spotlight

Chase Williams

Chase Williams Interviewed By USC Writer Shotgun Spratling

Chase Williams Showed Up For His Teammates This Weekend At The B2G Los Angeles Tournament

“I just constantly work. I’m working out four times…actually five times a week. I’m constantly going just to get my craft up and just keep on doing good.” “Something unique is that people my size aren’t really as fast as me. That’s just how it is. I’m good and I’m quick with my feet.”

Chase Williams
Photo By: Shotgun Spartling USCFootball.com

Wise words from a smart young man. Chase is one of those teammates who will ride until the wheels fall off. Hurt or injured he won’t stop knowing the game is on the line and his teammates need him. Which is exactly what he told USCFootball.com writer Shotgun Spartling,

“I’ve just got to keep on pushing no matter what. I can’t get tired. I can’t give up on my team and I’ve got to help us win.”

Chase Williams was able to capture the attention of a few sports media big names including Scout.com Greg Biggins and sports video media company Under The Radar. Check out the spotlight by UTR.

Chase Williams UTR Spotlight