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Jaylen Martin Pulls In Oregon Offer

Jaylen Martin Pulls In His First Offer From Dream School Oregon

Explosive Athletic Training Jaylen Martin is 6’2, long, rangy and can close fast. Martin is our 2019 defensive back with limitless potential. The University of Oregon saw that in him this past weekend at their camp and luau on campus. Jaylen showed great vovwr skills and mobilty despite his length. He’s delovoping into a dominant cover corner. This offer is extremely special because it is Jaylen Martin dream school. This is definitely not the last, expect Jaylen to become a national recruit.

Jaylen Martin

Up And Coming Freshman Jaylen Martin Working

Jaylen Martin Is Working To Be A Top Prep Receiver

Young freshman wide receiver Jaylen Martin made a commitment to become one of the Big 8’s top receiver stand out. He has been working now to improve his speed, ball skills and route running ability. Stay tuned for more from this kid. Jaylen is 6’1 and has no ceiling as to how much growth he has.