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Randy Rivera On The Rise

The Young Freshman All Purpose ATH Randy Rivera Was Unstoppable This Past Weekend At B2G Los Angeles

Randy Rivera If you see Roosevelt (Corona) Freshman ATH Randy Rivera lined up across the ball you may want to keep and eye on him. Randy is only a freshman but no ankles are safe around this scatty kid. Randy can line up at the slot, behind the Quarterback at running back, outside, at Quarterback can even play on the defensive. He is one of those kids who just needs to be on the field. Hungry for respect in this 7on7 world hes going hard in the paint, or shall I say on the field and he’s taking names. Most will under estimate the kid on sight. Best believe those who do underestimate him will pay for it. Randy Rivera is definitely one to keep and eye out for. Check him out this coming Saturday in Pylons Fontana regional.

EAT 7on7 Going Into Pylon Fontana Focused

EAT 7on7 Is Looking To Go Into Pylon Fontana On A Mission To Be Recognized

EAT 7on7EAT 7on7 has already taken down two of the top 25 rated teams on Pylons list. Made up of a few unknowns the fellas have been slowly growing together as a unit becoming in sync with one another. Over the past few months it has been grind time for each athlete. Adopting the hash tag and slogan #WeComing has seemed to fit well up to this point. The EAT team has traveled from the Inland Empire as far as Long Beach scrimmaging all comers with one goal in site. Reaching the top of this 7on7 world. Come check out EAT 7on7 in the city of Fontana at the Pylon