Explosive Athletic Training

Training Mask Aren’t For Every Situation

If You Are Going To Use Training Aids Research Their Effects On Your Body First.

It is almost impossible simulate high altitude training (that which you get in Denver Colorado) when you are only at sea level.
Whenever you are above sea level for a long period of time or simply in an environment different from what u are accustomed to your body will do something called acclimate itself to its environment.
Explosive Athletic Training For example if you’re used to being in a tropical environment like California once you move to a place like Texas or to a cold place like Buffalo and you stay there for an extended amount of time meaning living training everyday, stuff like that, your body will acclimate itself to that environment. And that’s from the inside out.
This mask will inhibit the amount of air you can take in at a certain amount of time. Which is bad at sea level. You have to account for the difference of the amount of oxygen in the air at both levels when you decide to use this thing.
At high altitudes there is a lower concentration of oxygen in the air than at sea level. However the amount air your body breathes in stays the same at both levels with no mask.

High Altitude

=10% oxygen
=30 units of air
No mask

Sea Level

=20% oxygen
=30 units of air
No mask

With a mask at sea level
=20% oxygen
=10 units of air

As a result with mask you are just decreasing the amount of oxygen into your body and blood flow which causes you to tire faster.
You high school athletes and some of you Dad are choosing to use this mask because you see everybody else doing it which is why I make posts like the “copycat training”. High school athletes you are not going to be traveling to any high altitude to compete or simply a different climate to compete  or train unless you’re an elite athlete and in most cases the only athletes that do travel to those areas are track athletes.
Some of you ask why I don’t use different training aids you see all of these training companies and facilities use , this is why. I either know the pros and cons, or I’ll do my research before I use it to train my athletes. Unless you plan to be traveling or competing and a high altitude area at a high level of competition stick to the basics and just train hard and eat right you should be ok.